My “Once” Audition. Or the 24 hours I was almost a Broadway star.

As many stories start, this one started with an email from one of my favoritest people in the world, a brilliant and talented colleague of mine, whose blog about all things music and religion and life you can read here. The email was an open call for “Once,” the broadway musical. The adaptation of pretty much my second or third favorite movie ever – the one I watched for the second time 5 minutes after watching it the first time.

of COURSE I was going.



and so I went. and I played my song, “On The Floor.” It’s a totally rocking, upbeat song (the video behind the link shows off the amazing Mark Whitaker on banjo as well) which proves that I kinda sorta definitely know how to play an acoustic guitar. 

I figured that I was in this weird place, not tall enough, but too tall. Not old enough but too old. Not fat enough but too hefty. I wanted to show that I could play, because I REALLY wanted to be invited onto that stage.

I played my song, left hand dancing over the strings, right hand strumming for dear life, sang for about two minutes and was met with “tomorrow maybe something a little less energetic.”

A call back. This was good news.

I actually had tickets to the show that night, and thought the music and singing was great. I even loved the idea of having a bunch of un-amplified acoustic guitars on stage to give the music a real natural feeling. It would be an interesting next morning.

Sunday I went to the callback. I played. I sang. I read the lines they asked me to prepare in a quite authentic Irish accent, and even got more laughs in the room than the guy who did the part the night before got in the theatre. There were four times as many people as the first audition – people videoing the tryout, actors playing the other parts in the script, casting director, and who knows who else. I got the “thank you for doing all this” when I left. hmm.

I haven’t heard anything, so I’m thinking that means “thanks but no thanks” but I know that if I hadn’t tried I would’ve kicked myself for missing it. 

Although, you never know.

for a little taste of what “could be” here’s my version of “Leave” – a song from the show/movie – recorded at the Lizard Lounge open Mic Challenge. Thanks, Tom Bianchi, again, for the recording. 

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