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Middle East DOWNSTAIRS. Cambridge, MA. Tonight 10:30pm

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this excited to play a show.

I haven’t played with a band in a LONG time and I haven’t played the

Middle East Downstairs in ten years.

first band at 7. we hit the stage at 10:30.

Psyched cannot describe what I feel. Will you share it with me?


Tavern At The End of the World – Charlestown

Tavern At The End of the World - Charlestown


Band Hibernation Time

Hey, y’all – 

It’s about to be Spring, and you know what that means – HIBERNATION!

no, seriously. we’re going to lock ourselves indoors except to go to work and a few open mics and maybe the movies every once in a while and work on making the show the best  it can be. So, we’re taking a few months off and the band will be back in the summer.

BEFORE WE GO we’re playing the world famous CANTAB LOUNGE downstairs tomorrow (Thursday) night at 10. 

you should totally be there, sing along, have fun, have a great start to your weekend, and wish us well…


Dann & The Band