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Happy Thursday?

day two of three days of review for finals.

already exhausted.


and I’m the teacher. 😛


…and now back to your (ir)regularly scheduled music posts…

adult conversation

Everyone is very quick to point out that, as a teacher, we have “the summers off.”

For me, it’s not as much “off” as I get to seamlessly switch into my 24/7 role as a stay-at-home dad. (and of course, with various and sundry school-related things as the summer turns to August. Right about now, in fact)

I’m not bemoaning my situation at all – I love it. I’m bemoaning the lack of adult conversation.

The other day, a friend of mine with whom I teach, let’s call him The Doctor, and I took our kids to the zoo. And for ONCE (that day), the words that came out of our mouths weren’t (only) “stop that” “get down” “don’t hit your sister” and “what do you want to eat?” They were glorious discussions of our days and our kids and our frustrations and joys and our plans for the weekend and how we are both volunteering at a conference at our school and how lovely the Guinness at James’ Gate in JP is.

It was a veritable diarrhea of the mouth in both of our circumstances. And it was lovely. Summers off are great, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little adult conversation every so often.