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i think my couch is evil

yesterday, when I wrote my first real blog (ok, I just copied and pasted a conversation about beer from yesterday) I was full of energy. I was driven. I was almost creative. I took the dog for an extra long walk. I didn’t even make coffee until ten am.

today however, I made the big mistake of sitting on the couch first.

I could almost feel the energy being sucked out of me. Like I was fading back into the couch in a poppy-induced stupor. And I never not fall asleep on the couch. It’s too comfortable. 

We put on a movie? I rarely make it through, no matter what’s in the glass I’m drinking. (unless, of course, we’re watching BBC’s Sherlock, in which case I’ll watch all 6 before I succumb to the soporific sofa.)

I lay down “just for a second” and open my eyes 20 minutes later.

I mean, we bought it cause it was comfy. I’d almost rather sleep on it than in my bed.

But is that the trick? Just avoid the couch?