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thank you for the shout out!

thank you for the shout out!

Does the Road Less Traveled lead back to the same place?

I was inspired by Robert Frost’s poem – specifically a comic rendition of it – that questions the reader’s choice in the forest. Do you choose the path everyone else does? or do you choose the road less traveled?

but does it lead back to the same place?

does it matter which road you choose as long as you’re happy? 

and what if the other road WOULD make you happier? what then?

I woke up at 3am with the song in my head. I like the song. I hope you do too.

My newest enemy

It’s been a lover, a best friend, a comfort.

Right now it’s almost an enemy. Asking me to tell secrets to the one guy you never tell secrets to.

Making me say things i’m not totally ready to say, so that people can hear things i’m not ready for them to hear…

Hopefully we get this figured out soon.




In the past week I have seen THREE different people comment or post something about James Taylor’s “Copperline”

I may need to revisit my James Taylor records soon.

what’s YOUR favorite JT song?

how do you write a song?

does anyone know?

do you just strum some chords and hum along? do you get an amazing poem and smush, caress and cajole it into submission? 

it’s a delicate process. 

Sometimes songs just happen. Those are the best kind. A phrase, a memory, a thought elicits a response and it’s like a light bulb going on. In a blaze of glory, the writer LEAPS out of bed, grabs a notebook and a guitar and gets to work.

Sometimes songs need to be pulled and dragged kicking and screaming into the world. A title, or a guitar riff, or a few lines of lyric sit there waiting. and waiting. and waiting. Finally, days, weeks, months, YEARS later, the song is finished.

But is a song ever finished? Every performance of the song changes it ever so slightly. Add another musician to the mix and it takes on another color of the same palette or can even go in a totally different direction. I mean, there are only a (small) finite amount of notes, but an infinite amount of ways to play them.

There are even a few lines in songs that after I write them and then sing them, I think to myself, “self (cause that’s what I call myself) WHO wrote this? this is awesome!”

for instance:

“I got this lyric about you/that would make a great tattoo/but now it’s just a decent rhyme”

or “you are light”

or “later on we’re gonna have to pinch ourselves/to convince ourselves we were there”

Some people consider themselves poets, some people consider themselves musicians first. I consider myself lucky that these songs that came from the ether are able to make their way into the world through me. I hope you like them too.