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Nice write-up in the Hyde Park Bulletin

so cool! the locallest of local papers did a write-up of my new project.

thanks, Hyde Park Bulletin!

starting from somewhere 🙂


rock star level: unlocked.

so I just put in an order for these awesome stickers. STICKERS!!


thank you Virginia Gallino for sharing your amazing creative talents!

A Runaway Snapping All Ties

A Runaway Snapping All Ties

New Live EP to be released in just under a month! – RELEASE DATE MAY 13TH

Recorded Live at the Lizard Lounge, Cambridge
track listing:
1. Memphis Ferry
2. Two Roads
3. Leave (from the musical “Once”)
4. RockStar
5. Cafe en San Juan

featuring Brandon Brooks on cello and Mike Yarsky on guitar