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Middle East DOWNSTAIRS. Cambridge, MA. Tonight 10:30pm

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this excited to play a show.

I haven’t played with a band in a LONG time and I haven’t played the

Middle East Downstairs in ten years.

first band at 7. we hit the stage at 10:30.

Psyched cannot describe what I feel. Will you share it with me?


Jamaica Plain Music Fest 2014

It’s always an awesome time at the JP Music Festival. The bands were great, the cold brewed iced coffee from the Cupcakery was life-giving, and I even got to play a set on the Trolley donated by Sam Adams,

after having played on Thursday at the JP “First Thursdays” event, busking outside JP Licks on Centre Street

10628039_10152277534371857_2392993791762534029_n (photo by Tony Sahadeo)

Thank you very much to the JP Music Fest sponsors and organizers for having me – I look forward to keeping this relationship going.

JP Music Festival!

totally psyched to be playing today at the JP Music Festival on the BUS!


There will be a trolley making stops in and around Jamaica Plain to take people to places to eat (and, ostensibly, their cars)


it’s the biggest party of the day! and I’m playing from 3-4. pm. see you there!



Tuesday’s show and set list. hot DAMN was it a good night.

it’s been seemingly forever that I’ve played a legit SHOW at a venue, and I don’t think I could have hoped for the night to go better…

here’s the set list:

1. On The Floor

2. We Were There

3. RockStar

4. Cross The Line

5. My Friends’ Band Play

6. She Talks To Angels (Black Crowes special request)

7. Goodnight is Not Goodbye

8. Being in Love With Being in Love (Ruined My Love Life)

9. Memphis Ferry

Thanks to the Tavern At The End of the World and WEMF and everyone there singing along!

New Sounds – RIP Amy Winehouse


It’s one of those things, when you find out more about an artist after they die. I thought originally (mostly due to the media supersaturation) that Amy Winehouse was “eh” and that her songs were super popular because of the media and vice versa.

Recently, I’ve started listening more and more to those songs and WOW are they good.

I hate this phrase, and I hate saying it, but this is a shame a talent like this was lost so young (at the musical-mythical age of 27 no less).

so here’s my attempt at a tribute. Wherever you are, Ms. Winehouse, keep on keepin on. Rock.



One week from today!

Dann & Christian rock out the Sidewalk Cafe, NYC


don’t miss the train

don't miss the train


A Runaway Snapping All Ties. July 27th.

just over a month

just over a month

Hashtag Runaway.

rock star level: unlocked.

so I just put in an order for these awesome stickers. STICKERS!!


thank you Virginia Gallino for sharing your amazing creative talents!

Tavern At The End of the World – Charlestown

Tavern At The End of the World - Charlestown