It’s Tuesday…for now…(songwriting story #1)

so I had this idea – every Tuesday I’ll write a blog when I get home from band practice about a song, the story in it, maybe even what the lyrics mean. It could be a very cool idea. Almost everyone loved “Storytellers” right? 



So, here’s one of my favorite stories, (we will be opening with this song on Sept 8th at The Burren – plug plug plug), for the song “Fortunes, Forecasts & Lucky Charms” which you can listen to HERE


it’s a great song. I played everything on the recording but the drums (handled perfectly as always by Frank Colagiovanni) but the better story is how the songs came to be.

You know the movie Robin Hood? No, not the Kevin Costner one. The Disney one? with the animals and Robin Hood’s a fox? And Marian is a FOX, if you catch my drift…huh huh (no, she’s really a fox too).

Anyway, it’s brilliant. And has been my favorite movie since I can remember being able to pick a favorite movie. So, one night, my friend Zak Ward (who is a fantastic musician, songwriter, singer, etc – check out Son of the Sun (dot) com) and I were out way too late at the now-closed All Asia Bar in Cambridge, and decided it was a great idea to put on Robin Hood when we got back to the apartment.

And there’s that scene where Robin Hood and Little John dress up as fortune tellers in order to rob Prince John, and Little John shouts “FORtunes, forecasts & LUCKy charms” and we thought it was hilarious. Zak said “That’s a fantastic name for a song” and ten hours later, I wrote this one. 

it’s kind of a love song, and I always thought the video should be in a bric-a-brac shop in LA. 

What does the song make you think of? How’d I do with the title? What’s YOUR favorite character from Robin Hood?


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