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“I’ve Never Told You”

“I’ve Never Told You”

a brand new song. I hope you like it.


your natural habitat

so, I’m trying to figure out what my natural habitat is.

it’s an interesting predicament – is one’s natural habitat where you live NOW? or where you WANT to live? is it your favorite vacation spot? I’d hazard a guess to say that for a bunch of people it is NOT where they work, but I love my job and if it wasn’t for these silly bills, I’d do it for free…but I digress.

Is your natural habitat a life choice? or the choices life has made for you? is there a situation or location in which your body feels the most comfortable? can people who are made for each other have different perfect habitats? 

I’d say my perfect natural habitat involves copious amounts of underground public transportation, but due to various and varied choices in life I have to drive everywhere. Am I doing my body a disservice? Will I still make it to live to 127?

I guess time will tell.

Please, give me guidance if you can…