Daily Archives: July 8, 2013

when it rains, it drums.



this is usually the problem. In fact, I’ve played in and with a number of bands merely because I know how to play bass (pretty well, I must admit), but, as many musicians can tell you, everyone’s looking for a drummer.

I think it starts out in high school, when everyone has a little extra money to spend and convinces themselves that the way to “that special someone’s” heart is by playing his or her favorite diddy on a beat up old acoustic they found at a garage sale…then at college it’s a way to show off how DEEP someone is by putting some poetry by a long-forgotten French Huguenot (or, if they’re really fearless, their OWN poetry) to a tune and inviting people over to their dorm to “hang out.” For the most part, following this paradigm, bass players say to themselves “self, (cause that’s what they call themselves) let’s start a band and play the bass cause that guy/girl over there is SO much better than we are at soloing.”

But drummers…

Drummers are a whole different animal whatsoever. Maybe it’s the waiting around for everyone else to tune. Maybe it’s the “omg cant you keep time?” they think about other members of the band. Maybe it’s the fact that they have to lug around a huge bag full of hardware, at least four huge drums, plus a cymbal bag and have to have some sort of vehicle to fit it in…but drummers are always the toughest piece to find when forming a band. Until now…

it seems like EVERY one I know plays drums.

The drummer who has played everytime I’ve played my songs with a drummer for the past 16 years has always played drums for me. Wait. that’s kinda redundant. But he has. and he’s really good. But he has two kids and works and isn’t always available so I’ve been playing some shows with a percussionist, not with a full drum kit behind me. And for the most part it’s been working just fine.

However, in the past month, the drummer who plays for the cover band that I play with said “if you ever need someone…” Two other people have come up to me and said, “hey, I know a guy if you need a drummer…” Even my hairstylist (yes, I have a hairstylist – I’ll tell you about it later) said “you know, I play drums if you’re ever looking for someone…”

so I seem to have a surplus of riches. I guess it’s a good problem to have. The only issue is who/when/where/how and figuring that all out.

Consequently, anyone need a drummer?


You know, I’m actually pretty decent myself behind a kit…